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The Carnegie Mellon Chamber Orchestra consists of about a third of the people that are in the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic. It gives one concert a year, under Andres Cardenes, the concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony. This is for the 22 January 2006 concert.
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, 22 November 2005. Rakhmaninov's Second Symphony and Nicolai's "Merry Wives of Windsor" Overture. Styled after Russian Khokhloma folk painting and Old Church Slavonic text. The spelling of "Rachmaninoff" on the poster was not my decision to make.
Poster advertising a class offered about the Beatles for Carnegie Mellon's spring 2006 semester.
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, 28 September 2005. A whole bunch of French music.
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, 24 April 2005. Mahler's Sixth Symphony.

Silly poster for the same concert.

Carnegie Mellon Baroque, 14 November 2004. Telemann will never look badass, no matter how hard he tries.

Carnegie Mellon Baroque, 3 April 2005. I parodied the Abbey Road cover because the conductor is a Beatles nut.