Which Dead German Composer Are You?

Sequel to the Dead Russian Composer Test, this does not even attempt to cover all Dead German Composers. Just the ones that amuse the author of the quiz.
What are your preferred genres of music? (Check all that apply.)
Tone poem
Chamber music
Which is your favorite era of music?
Early Romantic
Late Romantic
20th Century
You'd prefer to be recognized...
Now, during my lifetime.
Later, my work should outlive me.
Now and forever.
I just want to waltz.
Where do you prefer to work?
At home, in my studio
On a train
Some beautiful and pristine place
At church
In the operahouse or theatre
I waltz while I work!
You are most likely to be accused of...
Being a bad parent.
Throwing things at people.
Being in the closet.
Being an egotistical juvenile delinquent.
Constant grouchiness.
Being too explicit.
Being a drama queen.
Being a dry old academic.
Cheating on your spouse.
Being utterly unapproachable.
Being a total sap.
Hero worshipping.
Being completely nuts.
What sorts of things do you like to read?
Political pamphlets
Fairy tales and fables
Religious texts
Whatever would make a good libretto or programmatic piece
Books on the history of the railroad
I don't read much.
I don't read--I waltz!
Which of these insults is most likely to be directed at you and your works?
Tonally indistinct
Hideously writhing dragon
Inexcusably repetitive
Obtrusively crude
Self-inflicted mediocrity
Decay of mental energies
Drooling and emasculated
Doddering academic
Boneless tonal mollusk
Perverted pathological experimentalism
Writing the same piece 100 times.
Romanticism at its sappiest.
Long, boring, and doesn't go anywhere.
Stark raving lunatic.
Obsession de la waltz
How do you respond to said criticism?
"Fugue you!"
Have a full-blown hissy fit
Shrink away
Stick out your tongue and plot vengeance
Either run away and cry, or attempt homicide
March off in a huff
Sit and angst
Let off steam by playing with model trains
Condemn them with political pamphlets
Give them the Evil Eye
Write another piece the same way anyway.
Write an angst song.
Have a nervous breakdown.
Respond, "I'm king! How dare you criticise me?!"
Your personality is...
Scarily intense.
Fascinatingly intense.
Pretty laid-back.
Which personality?
Your greatest pinnacle is?
Influence on the future.
Themes known to everyone.
Over 600 songs.
Dizzying fame.
The good twin.
Claim to the most famous lullabye ever.
Popularization of a prominent musical genre.
Full ability to convey yourself in your work.
Undying worship from all violists.
Brilliantly complete and interdisciplinary artistry.
Modern innovation.
Development of the symphony.
Introduction of Bach to the masses.
First to ever write a "Symphony No. 0"
Uh...Mahler's college roommate? And some nice lieder.
Your worst downfall is?
Underappreciated during life.
Physically incapable of appreciating your own work.
Many unfinished projects.
Pink wig.
The evil twin.
Constantly being confused with that waltz guy.
Fear of your own works.
Viola jokes.
Utterly despicable lack of proper human values.
Continually scary and avoided.
Most of your work is unplayed.
Often considered to be boring.
Completely insecure.
Did we mention complete insanity?
Do you have mood swings?
I have multiple personalities.
Mood waltzes!
Your music is focused more on...
You'd be proud to have inspired...
Every counterpoint textbook ever written.
Two movies involving large dogs.
Songwriters of the future.
Many many many mediocre ripoffs.
Fights over proper interpretation of your work.
Pop culture stripdance references.
Shostakovich. Because you did, and because the author of the quiz had to mention him despite the fact that he is a Dead Russian Composer and not a Dead German Composer.
Conductors. RAILWAY conductors.
Fear in the hearts of many, by name and by work.
All future symphonists.
The composition of songs that don't have words.
Naps in the concert hall.
Questions into the sanity of composers.
Would you be mad if you knew I was making fun of you in this quiz?
Probably not.
La la la, I can't hear you!
Which one of us are you mocking?
I'd waltz.

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