Which of California's Faults Are You?

California has many faults. They're unavoidable and uncorrectable. And I'm not just referring to things like the fact that this state elected the Terminator to the office of Governor. No, I mean geological faults, of the sort that cleave rocks and cause earthquakes. There are too many of them to list, but if you've ever been geekishly curious enough to know which one you're most like (or even if not, take the quiz anyway, what can it hurt?), this goes through seven of the bigger ones that are most likely to cause, well, the Big One.
Where would you prefer to live?
The Los Angeles metropolitan area.
The San Francisco bay area.
In the middle of the frickin' desert!
I'd feel at home anywhere in California.
When working on a project, you...
Work at a constant and steady pace. It's the best way to get things done!
Work slowly and carefully, making lots of small revisions. I have the occasional tendency, however, toward intense bouts of self-criticism, in which I destroy my previous work and start over.
Jump around from section to section, working on whichever part I feel inclined to mess with on any given day. The whole never comes together until the end.
Do the whole thing in one big burst at the last second.
Most of the time, I don't bother anymore.
How tall are you?
Pretty average.
I may be short, but gosh darnit, I have a deep personality!
In a symphony orchestra, you'd be...
The conductor.
Somewhere in the second violin section.
The guy who gets to play with all the loud percussion instruments on the table in the back! *crashbangboomwheeee!*
A trombonist.
A clarinetist.
Gong! Or hammer! Sometimes also cymbals!
That person who's been in the back of the cello section forever but whose name nobody ever remembers.
Everyone looks right compared to me.
Everyone looks left compared to me.
I rarely get involved.
What's your reputation like?
I'm infamous!
I don't have enough of one, thankyew.
I'm the next big up-and-coming thing!
I had my fifteen minutes of fame.
I make people a little nervous sometimes.
I really don't have much of one, actually.
I'm that chatty neighbor you learned to get used to.
How active are you on a day-to-day basis?
I'm very active.
I have my active days.
My, but I do enjoy sitting...
What's your ideal fashion statement?
Renaissance garb.
Desert camo shorts, SoCal tank top.
The whole outfit came from Hollister Co.
I won't leave home without my UC shirt!
Normal jeans and shirt, but covered with paint and sculpting material.
Snakeskin boots, oilcloth coat, slouch hat, accessorized accordingly.
I'm down with the L.A. fashion underground.
Pirates or ninjas?
One is nothing without the other. You need both for it to be any fun!
Any last words?
Stop blaming me for everything! It's not always my fault!
Mr. Richter can't predict her kicking our asphalt!
Gooooo Golden Bears!
Something's rotten in the state of Denmark California...
Hey! Who are you calling a creep, dude?
I are serious fault! This are serious rift zone!

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