Which Celebrity With A Deathwish Are You?

In case you ever wondered which famous wacko you're most like...

1. Which of the following comments would a teacher be most likely to write on your report card?
Draws attention to self in class.
Has strong opinions, but expresses them recklessly.
Concentrates on *insert object of obsession here* instead of paying attention in class. (WTC...)
Jokes around, regardless of material.
Always cheerful, positive, and helpful.

2. Your favorite place to be is...
Wherever the center of attention is.
Out in the wilderness.
The site most relevant to *insert object of obsession here*(WTC...)
Goofing off in Headquarters.
Everywhere is your Happy Place!

3. Which of these are you most likely to be accused of being?
Out of control
Annoying beyond all reason

4. Which dare would you most likely do?
Motorcycle through flaming tar.
Kiss a snake.
Break into the site most relevant to *insert object of obsession here*(WTC...)
Sing in the face of the enemy.
Now, now. Dares aren't good.

5. Which of these is your favorite TV show?
Any nature show
Specials related to or involving *insert object of obsession here*(WTC...)
Horse racing
PBS is educational!

6. What's in your wardrobe?
Much protective gear.
Khaki work clothes.
T-shirts with images of *insert object of obsession here*.(WTC...)
Flamboyant attire, including a feathered hat.
Purple is a good color!

7. Pick a themesong:
Born to Be Wild
The Crocodile Rock
New York, New York (WTC...)
Why Should I Worry?
"I love you, you love me..."

8. What do you use the internet for, more than anything else?
New ideas...Muahahaha!
Explaining your life and adventures in a blog.
Researching *insert object of obsession here*.(WTC...)
Online quizzes.
Sending online greeting cards to the entire internet.

9. Which of these screen names most appeals to you?
*insert object of obsession here*God (WTC...)

10. Finally, which of these deaths seems least terrible to you?
Horrific motor vehicle accident.
Venomous snakebite.
Falling from a 110-story building.(WTC...)
Gunshot to the chest.
Dismemberment by irate horde.