Which Dies Persone character are you?

1. Which of these are you most likely to be reading?
Nostradamus' quatrains
World Domination for Dummies
Anything that was written by a good American
History or historical commentary
Something classic and/or thought-provoking
Something randomly selected from the bestseller list
Harry Potter

2. What's your biggest gripe with regards to your own personality?
Everything is your fault.
Nobody recognizes how amazing and godlike you are.
The rest of the world hates you and you don't know why.
Your well-meant advice is usually ignored.
You're constantly misunderstood and hated for it.
You're always overshadowed by others.
Nobody takes you seriously.

3. What's your biggest actual personality problem?
You need to relax, stop streessing, and lose the inferiority complex.
You're a bloody megalomaniac!
You're closed-minded and thickheaded.
You tend to spark heated debates merely by existing.
You have a tendency to be a cynical snot.
You're only noticed for being irate about not being noticed.
Your sugar highs scare people.

4. What are your thoughts on the impending war?
ACK! GYAH! I'm so sorry! NOOO!
First Iraq, then the world!
America must show the world what comes to those who commit acts of terrorism.
Resolve the existing conflicts, but don't start any new ones.
It's only going to make things worse.
There's nothing I can do about it either way.
It scares me.

5. What's your pet conspiracy theory?
THEY are out to get me!
Leap years actually happen every year, but they are repressed by the government.
Terrorists are still among us!
Nagasaki was meant to scare Stalin.
The media deliberately distorts everything.
Bad stuff is played up to make others mad.
Parents hide Halloween candy not to keep kids from eating too much, but rather so THEY can eat it.

6. Someone says something with which you disagree. What do you do?
Freak out and apologize.
Decide that they will not get any benefits when you take over the world.
Go all political and preachy on them.
State your view in simple terms.
Explain to them precisely why they are wrong.
Grumble about it for the rest of the day.
Stick out your tongue and huff off.

7. How do you show appreciation for someone?
You cling gratefully.
You let him in on some of the goods when your plan for world domination is complete.
You throw a fireworks display (or some other sort of extravaganza) in his honor.
You offer a maternal hug and a word to the wise.
You display well-intentioned awkwardness.
You treat them like a normal, decent person.

8. What sort of first impression do you leave?
Spazzy, for no good reason.
Mildly irritating.
Good-natured but lazy.
Sweet and helpless.
Average person in a bad mood.
"Awww! How cute!"

9. What sort of lasting impression do you leave?
Spazzy, with a reason for it.
Extremely irritating.
Stubborn jerk.
Sweet and helpful.
Worthy of deep sympathy.
You tend not to leave lasting impressions.
"That kid's a monster! Cute, but a monster!"

10. Which musical instrument would you/do you play?
Violin--It has the ability to be squeaky, frantic, and melodramatic...all at once.
Anything, so long as I can hook an amp up to it.
Trumpet--Bring on the fanfares!
Flute--So many aspects, so much history.
Viola--It's been called "the most melancholy of instruments."
Piano--Everyone and his brother plays it.
Percussion--Crash! Bang! Boom! Wheee!

11. Any last words?
All your base are belong to us!
I'm proud to be an American!
Have you influenced anyone today?
Think about it.
Leave me alone.
Trick or treat!